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letsgocheckoutpandora liked your post: GET OFF MY SCREEN, ELF CHILD.

Jessy, if you have even a vague idea of whom that post refers to, I might love you even harder than I already do. WHICH I DIDN’T EVEN THINK WAS POSSIBLE.


DID I CALL HIM THAT? I did. My drunken recall is still hanging on by a thread, haha. HE IS, THOUGH. WHY AM I AWARE OF OF HIS EXISTENCE, SERIOUSLY

  1. archivedfireworksinafield said: YOU DID CALL HIM THAT XD
  2. jensensmomma said: Sorry to disappoint, but I just assumed it had something to do with Toby Turner and I thought the order of “GET OFF MY SCREEN, ELF CHILD” was adorable. I don’t even know who he is, just that you love him.
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