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tonerxforxteamfreewill: Hey mama pigeon, did you hear about craig retiring from tlls?? I am simultaneously sad that he'll be done with it but excited for him to move on too you feel?

/sigh/ Like I’m bummed out that he’s leaving, for real, this man has meant so much to me and done so much for me, I can’t even put words to it. This blog’s focus may have shifted but I have never stopped loving my darling CraigyFerg and I never will. It’s going to be super weird not having that 12:30 fix anymore. But I’m glad he’s going to go out while he’s still having fun doing it. I’m rather pleased, actually, because it’s absolutely in line with who he is. He would never do something he didn’t want to do or believe in; he always did say that he does the show because he loves it, and if he feels like the end of that is approaching, then I’m glad he’s stepping away rather than getting stuck in a contract to do the show when he’s not feeling it anymore. I can’t be so selfish as to wish he’d continue to do the show if he feels the end is nigh. I’m always here to support my Craigy love in all he does. I trust his judgment. And besides, I’m like 99.9% sure that this is definitely not the last we’ll see of him.

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New title sequence, now featuring more drummer CraigyFerg.

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"I keep having to ask myself, ‘What do I do on this show that would make you think I want to be considered as a sexual object?’" ()

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“Getting ready for Fashion Week, that’s what I’m doing”

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Have I reached some weird level of madness when I see people reposting my gifs and my reaction is not anger or annoyance, but hysterical laughter?


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Josh Robert Thompson

Our apologies to the people of Hershey, PA.

Our apologies to the people of Hershey, PA.

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