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dianalourdes: Is there not enough lust in your filthy pigeon heart to be a little bit naughty about Ginger Junk O'Brien?


You know there will ALWAYS be a place in my heart (and in my pants) for that big ginger freak.

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dianalourdes: Do you have any piercings/tattoos? Do you want to have any piercings or tattoos?

I have both my ears pierced thrice in each lobe, and an Industrial in my right ear cartilage. (THAT hurt like a mother.) I used to have a lip piercing, but I took it out recently and it’s closed to the point where I can no longer get a ring into it. Meh. I don’t miss it.

I have black, orange, and purple stars tattooed across my collarbone. There are several others I’m looking to get, but ink costs money, and sadly, I am lacking in funds. But someday. Someday.  

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This just happened.

It’s nice having friends who understand. ;)

*For the record, I meant that I’m watching the show. I am NOT engaging in any sort of personal massage.