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well, happy Heart Day to me.

well, happy Heart Day to me.

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So I got new glasses yesterday and holy SHIT I knew I was blind as dicks but good goddamn my old lenses were four fucking years old, plus that bloody nerve-damage actual blind spot in my left eye, no wonder I was getting excruciating headaches all the damn time

I put the new glasses on and it’s seriously a world of difference


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Nothing like your best friend coming through with the cute and the funny and the unconditional love to make you feel 736453465 times better about life.

Lesa, you’re the actual best. We’re sisters in not-Red. And friendship IS magic. We prove it every day.

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Sara J. gots a shiny new phone, wheeeeeeew!

Same phone number, BUT I lost all my contacts. Stupid SIM card. So if you have my number and you still want me to have yours, text me! Or if I never had your number and you’d like me to have it, throw it in ye olde Ask box!

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Plans for the evening:
Jammie Dodgers
Doctor Who
I love Saturdays.

Plans for the evening:

  • Jammie Dodgers
  • Tea
  • Doctor Who

I love Saturdays.

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Looking at pictures of cute cats and almost crying because my cat may not be long for this world. We find out tomorrow.


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"I just have to tell you, awesome show, my love."

"I appreciate it, darling."

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Things I do NOT want to do today:
  • Get out of bed
  • Wear pants
  • Go to work
  • Deal with fucking customers
  • Pretend I don’t want to punch everyone in the face

And I have to do all of it in like half an hour.

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Lesa and I have been drinking Pepsi, eating crap food, and marathoning Full House all day. #PartyHard

Also, the Craigy stand-up show last night was FABULOUS. *cough* Someone may or may not have growled and clawed at him from the third row back from the stage. He may or may not have giggled.

…Mama may or may not have been hammered.

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Eight-hour day turned into a ten-hour day.

What a clusterfuck today was. I have tomorrow off and I am NOT answering the phone. Ugh. So glad to be home right now. Gonna pour me a drink or five and start relaxing into ain’t doin’ SHIT mode.