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S1E15: Nightmare on Oak Street

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this was at the start of a new futurama episode oh my god


this was at the start of a new futurama episode oh my god

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gingerrlocks said: oh, shut up. i just woke up and there was hardly any coffee left and i’m too lazy to make some. but here: have you ever seen twin peaks?


Damn. That’s pretty lazy. (There is almost always a hot pot of coffee on in my house. Mmm…coffee…)

I’ve seen some of the old one, but never followed it. (I don’t know if there’s a new one, actually. You know, like how they revamped Hawaii Five-0?) I’m assuming you mean the old early-’90s series. I think the idea of Twin Peaks is interesting. It’s a show that’s probably somewhere on my list of things to eventually watch.

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Top TV Characters (in no order) | 2/15 Jack McFarland

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"We got work to do."

Oh hai, Supernatural. Lovely to meet you.

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ramblingpants: Are you waiting as anxiously as I am for more seasons of the Drew Carey Show to be released on DVD or Netflix or Hulu or FUCKING ANYWHERE.


Just. For SO MANY REASONS, not just Wick (though…well…my history with that character is well-documented). It was SUCH a good show. So clever. Ugh. DVDs NOW PLZ.

The issue is that TDCS used so much music in its day that licensing fees to sell DVDs would be through the roof. Because GOD FORBID SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE DOESN’T GET THAT ROYALTY CHECK. Meanwhile, the fans suffer. It’s total bullshit. [/mini-soapbox]

But dear god, The Drew Carey Show. Just give it.

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Anonymous: Your only flaw is that you like The Big Bang Theory, tbh.

Okay, seriously, if you hate on TBBT, just unfollow me. Now.

Not even kidding. I love that show and I adore Jim Parsons in particular, so if you have a problem, just go now.


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