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Anonymous: Marry, fuck, kill. Jeremy Clarkson, James May, RIchard Hammond.

pffffhahaha, now there’s something you don’t see every day

fuck Hamster, because lbr he really is a total cutiepie and I may or may not have had a bit of a crush on him at one point

marry James, because he’s the most low-maintenance of the three, like I imagine living with James would be like living with a very large, somewhat mildly cranky but overall easy-going cat

kill Clarkson, because even though he is my favorite of the three, he and I are too much alike and I’m certain that if we knew each other in life, we’d probably end up killing each other eventually

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Anonymous: Where does the bathroom vid come from?

Joel here

Chris here

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Anonymous: When I first started watching the podcast, Gus scared me. Well, I guess I was more intimidated by him. But now he's one of my favorites at the company. He really deserves more attention.


I just, I love Gus so much. SO much. I can totally get why people find him intimidating and/or off-putting because he is clever and confident and ragey and outspoken, but those are exactly the reasons why I love him so hard. he’s ALMOST my favorite of all RT folk (that title goes to Geoffrey, for the record, but it’s a very close race). basically I 110% adore Gus, he’s a man after my own bitter little black heart (and my liver), and my feeling is if you don’t like Gus Sorola then get the fuck out of my face.

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Anonymous: While Ray is setting down a tray of delicious looking food, you notice he left the door wide open. This is your chance. You run, your heart thumping over the soles of your shoes on the concrete. You're so close. Then you feel a pain. He stabbed you. You feel woozy, and then fall to the ground "Don't make this hard for yourself", Ray puts the blade away "I like that you're fiesty but I don't want you escaping." He smiles so charmingly. "Let me go." "No. I like you, I'm never going to let you go."

well FUCK

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Anonymous: I don't know if this is a PsychoTeeth stuff, but I really like to imagine Ryan as a "Dexter-type" of killer, calm, cool, everything is planned perfectly and he is working together with the raging killer, Michael who usually listens to Ryan, because he is the mind. (And Gavin is the stupid/brainiac [it depends on his day] cop who tries to get them)

you have my attention

I love the idea of Ryan as a Dexter-like killer; that’s absolutely how I see him in the AU. A little Dexter Morgan, a little Hannibal Lecter…charming, brilliant, and utterly insane. Working with Michael, who’s prone to intense bursts of spontaneous violent rage but has learned through Ryan how to focus it (which doesn’t always happen, but hey) and how to clean up the mess.

I’d throw Geoffrey in there as one of the cops (I just can’t see him as a killer), like probably the military vet-turned-chief of police heading up the investigation. Unfortunately for him, his detective team happens to be Gav, (and of course) Burnie, and Joel, so things are slow going until two new transfers, Lindsay and Ray, join the force. (I usually have Ray on the psycho side of PsychoTeeth, but let’s say not this time in this particular version of the AU.) That’s when shit starts getting done and they begin to close in on the killers. (Imagine Lindsay’s shock when she discovers that one of them is her own husband. What will she do?)

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Anonymous: I just clicked on your blog and the fireworks make me so happy thank you for that

welcome; you are not the first to tell me this and I suspect you won’t be the last

they make me happy, too

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Anonymous: Is JJ Latino?


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Anonymous: Marry, Fuck , Kill: Team lads.

For some reason I get this question at random from time to time, and my answer never changes:

Fuck Ray, Marry Michael, Kill Gav. (Because if I spent enough time with Gavin Free, I’m pretty sure I’d end up killing him anyway.)

While we’re here, let’s throw the Gents in:

Fuck Ryan, Marry Geoff, Kill Jack (I love Jack, I’d make it quick and painless.)

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Anonymous: If you have xkit, there's an extension that blocks the recommended blogs thing. It's called "no recommended"

psst… xkit has an extension that blocks those kinds of post… you’re welcome


thank you, friends

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Anonymous: I bet Ray has been on your blog.


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Anonymous: Wait, what's your problem with John Green?

I don’t have a problem with John Green, apart from the fact that I severely dislike his writing style. I have nothing against him as a person. This has been established.

I reblogged that ask from my friend Ashley because it made me laugh; basically I feel the same way about people trying to give me shit about whomever I like or dislike and what my reasons for any of it are. End of.

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Anonymous: Joe the cat

lazy as fuck and perfectly willing to let Burnie Burns manhandle me?

110% accurate

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Anonymous: Who's the 'puerto rican prick'?

oh Anon, you must be new